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Doctor of Philology

Born in 1946 in the city of Sharur Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic.
1968 graduated from the Faculty Library of Azerbaijan State University with honors diploma and captured specialty bibliotekovedov-bibliographer. From 1968 to 2001 (31y.o.) worked at the Azerbaijan Literature Museum named after Nizami Ganjavi as director of the library.
In 1992 she defended her thesis on "The Image of Women in the Azerbaijan fairy tale" and received a degree of candidate of philological sciences. In 2001, with the leadership of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan he has been appointed deputy director of the Central Scientific Library of NAS of Azerbaijan, and in 2002-2014gg Director of Central Scientific Library.
In 2010 she defended her doctoral thesis on the topic "Azerbaijan folklore book: sources, formation and development of the sphere", received the degree of Doctor of Philology. He is currently working at the Institute of Manuscripts named after Muhammad Fuzuli as the deputy director for scientific work.
Author of 15 books and monographs devoted to topical issues of library science, bibliography, book science and literature, more than 170 scientific articles, author-composer, scientific editor of 120 bibliographical indexes.
Member of the International Academy of Information SSS.
Member of the "Board of interagency coordination on modernization of libraries and training of sustainable development concepts and public issues", "director of scientific libraries and information centers established with the International Association of Scientific Academies", "American Library Association." A member of the editorial board of "Library and Information: Scientific-theoretical, methodological and practical magazine", "Library and Information: Scientific-theoretical and practical journal", a member of the international editorial staff of the publishing house named "Library of the National Academies of Sciences: problems of functioning, development trends: Scientific-practical and theoretical collection ", a member of the editorial board of the" Journal of international scientific research."
Chief editor of a collection of articles "Scientific works" of the Institute of Manuscripts named after Fuzuli of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.
Supervisor of 15 candidates for 8 doctoral candidates.
Since 2008, a member of the New Azerbaijan Party, since 2010 a member of the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan.
In 2006 and 2010, he was awarded the Certificate of Merit of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan in the development of library services in Azerbaijan.
In 2011, based on the results of the competition for the award DS Likhachev was awarded the diploma "For the valuable treasure given to study Azerbaijan folklore books in the context of national literary culture."

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